Helping the community one phone at a time.

Here at Instantunlockz, we love putting a smile on our customers faces. Breaking or getting locked out of your phone can be damaging. We strive to get any problem resolved within 1 hour time or less.

About Us

Only OEM Parts

When it comes to phone repair, High quality, original parts matter the most. if you use off brand parts it can cause even more issues such as shortages or error codes in the software of some apple devices. We use only the best parts available.

Guarenteed Working or its free

If we are unable to fix your device you will not have to pay anything. But we are confident we can fix almost any problem with Apple, Samsung, or LG.

Fully Remote for Software Repairs

We complete all software repairs remotely. That means all you need is a Windows computer, Usb cable, Teamviewer, and a stable internet connection. If you are local in the jacksonville area you can contact us to get the service done in person.

Brilliant Minds

We have over seven years of experience dealing with software issues with cell phones. By bringing your service to instantunlockz, you know you have the best professionals working on your device at all times.

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